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Actually, That Is Called Steam …..

It seems that ignorance, arrogance and irrational thinking go hand in hand.

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Bill Gates Gives $700K to Preserve Global Warming Law

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Shocking News : “This summer alone we lost about 50 percent of the sea ice on the Arctic Ocean.”

“I’ve traveled way over a thousand days of my life on the moving ice. I’ve lived on the ice, on the bear country,” said Arctic explorer, Will Steger. He has witnessed the changes firsthand. “And we’re seeing an incredible change … Continue reading

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Another Reason To Ride

http://www.reuters.com/article/idUSTRE69L21Y20101022 Instead of buying a $30,000 car and pumping thousands more into gas, why not buy a $1,000 bicycle?

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Skeptical Science : Completely Missed The Point

Last summer I posted an article about bogus GRACE interpretations of ice loss in the interior of Antarctica, which were later confirmed by JPL to be in error. From my article : Some of the regions in which GRACE claims … Continue reading

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A Better Visualization Of The 2010 Ice Recovery

I noted in my previous article that NSIDC did not advance the age of the week 37, 2010 ice in the animation in Walt Meier’s WUWT article. The week 37 blink comparator above makes two important changes to the ice … Continue reading

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Who Is The True Blue Messiah?

I’m confused now. It was supposed to be this guy. Reuters photo But, then Saint Nancy threw her hat in the ring. “I’m trying to save the planet; I’m trying to save the planet.”

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CO2 To Knock UK Trains Off The Track

h/t to Marc Morano Most things in the UK last a long time. The temperate climate and stable geology preserve the works of man for hundreds of generations. The British Museum has the finest collection of stolen recovered artifacts in … Continue reading

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Global Warming Overruns A Population Of Squatters

http://news.softpedia.com/news/ Isn’t that the truth. The coastal blue party which brought cap-and-trade to America, is about to have their eastern habitat overrun by their rival red clan from the central portions of the landmass. Global warming can indeed claim entire … Continue reading

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A Closer Look At The NSIDC Ice Age Animation

The animation which Dr. Meier from NSIDC posted on WUWT is very helpful. It shows how old NSIDC believes the ice is, for each week from mid-September 2009 to mid-September 2010. So theoretically we should be able to do an … Continue reading

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