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UK Guardian Worried About Foreign Influence In US Elections

“Some arrogant Brit telling us why to not vote for George Bush is going to backfire, you stupid, yellow-toothed pansies “ The Guardian was credited in 2004 for getting Bush re-elected, by trying to interfere with the election in Ohio. … Continue reading

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Hottest Year Ever : UK’s Barbecue Summer

Piers Corbyn reminded us that Positive Weather Solutions forecast the summer of 2010 to be the hottest on record. Central England Temperatures in June and July were above the 1659-2010 median, but May and August were below. No month in … Continue reading

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Greenies Think Their Emissions Don’t Stink

Human being’s ability to delude themselves is quite astonishing. I did my usual 25 mile ride this morning from my house up into the foothills and back. Along the way I got passed by a dozen cars like the one … Continue reading

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Where Will GISS Find Future Warming?

Much of the reported warming from the 20th century was due to upwards adjustments of recent temperatures, and downwards adjustments of older temperatures. http://cdiac.ornl.gov/epubs/ndp/ushcn/ts.ushcn_anom25_diffs_urb-raw_pg.gif This worked pretty well until satellites showed up and provided some badly needed checks and balances … Continue reading

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Update On John Holdren’s Ice Free Winters

http://arctic.atmos.uiuc.edu/CT/animate.arctic.color.0.html No wonder he has Obama’s trust. They share a lot in common. Holdren also has no clue what he is talking about.

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CO2 : Officially A God!

It has created a new species of Jellyfish, which both “does not sting” and has a “painful sting.” http://www.themedialine.org/news/news_detail.asp?NewsID=30360 It is amazing how any new scientific discovery can be twisted by the press into some bizarre non sequitur about global … Continue reading

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The Key Ingredient Of Climate Legislation

In order to get climate legislation passed, it is essential to exaggerate or fabricate crises. A good example is Australia, which is widely reported by the MSM to be in an historic drought due to global warming. The Australian BOM … Continue reading

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End Of A Great Career

Brian McBride scored a brilliant goal tonight on a Ljungberg assist, to finish out a 17 year career (which included playing on the US World Cup team.) Worth a watch. http://www.mlssoccer.com/videos?catid=114&id=9919 http://www.mlssoccer.com/videos?catid=114&id=9919

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1000 Days Without Hurricane Landfall?

http://www.discount-florida-vacations.com/ It has now been more than 750 days since any hurricane has made landfall in the US. This is one of the longest periods on record. Assuming that none do the rest of the current season, the quiesced period … Continue reading

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Shift On Hadley And Rotate

Tamino describes the period since 1975 as the “period of modern warming” – implying that CO2 has altered the behaviour of the climate. But we can see in the HadCRUT Northern Hemisphere video above that the warming from 1910 to … Continue reading

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