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This Isn’t An Intellectual Battle

A reader asked yesterday how long I thought it would take to turn the tide? Hopefully the November elections will make a big difference. But long term, the problem is much larger. Religions exist because people need something to believe … Continue reading

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Is This A Joke?

Insight into how most Guardian readers think.

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Santa’s Helpers Working In The Dark

http://virgorising101.wordpress.com/ Incandescent bulbs have been banned at the North Pole due to global warming fears, and MCL lights make the elves depressed. It is now dark across much of the Arctic Ocean. The blink comparator shows how the hole of … Continue reading

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Comparing Apples And Oranges

http://www.weatherstreet.com/hurricane/2010/Hurricane-Atlantic-2010.htm 1933 was the second most active hurricane season on record. Five hurricanes struck the US, including three major hurricanes. From the graph above, one could be misled into believing that 2010 is comparable.

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UK Hate Crime Law

http://www.homeoffice.gov.uk/crime-victims/reducing-crime/hate-crime/ Hate crime A hate crime is any criminal offence that is motivated by hostility or prejudice based upon the victim’s: disability race religion or belief

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How 10/10 Scum Blew Up A Child : Warning – Graphic Content

I develop video editing/effects software professionally. Here is a frame-by-frame dissection of how they blew up a brainwashed child actor. You may want to skip this article if you are squeamish.

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From 9/11 To 10/10

Jamie Glover, the child-actor who plays the part of Philip and gets blown up, has similarly few qualms: “I was very happy to get blown up to save the world.“ http://www.guardian.co.uk/environment/blog/2010/sep/30/10-10-no-pressure-film “I want to grow up with military training, to … Continue reading

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350 ppm? Nonsense! We Need To Get Below 290.7 ppm!

After thousands (perhaps millions)  of years of completely stable temperatures – suddenly in the year 1880 the world started to heat out of control, due to human generated CO2. The graph below plots CO2 vs year during that period.

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An Exercse In Tolerance And Equality

I changed one frame in the 10:10 school massacre video from this : to

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