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Hansen – Minnesotans Control The Climate With Their Thoughts

People who do not like cold weather, and might have welcomed the idea that Minnesota may become more like Missouri or Massachusetts like Virginia, must give up that notion, unless they wish ill for a large fraction of the planet’s … Continue reading

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The Rats Are Coming Out Of The Woodwork

http://www.treehugger.com Andy Revkin did a survey of global warming alarmists, and found that many are right on board with the hilarious 10:10 school massacre theme. The folks at 10:10 are not an isolated group – rather they are mainstream members of … Continue reading

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Climate Change – The Final Solution

h/t to Reader “Eyes Wide Open”

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Those Who Fail To Learn From History

Are doomed to repeat it. The Vatican believed that Earth-centric non-believers threatened human survival. After all, the Vatican’s top scientists could plainly see that the stars go around the Earth. Harsh action was required.

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Dogs Are (Even) Worse Than Children

10:10 showed us the correct way to dispose of unbelieving and blasphemous children, but we are faced with an even worse problem – dogs. Turns out that they produce more CO2 than an SUV.

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US : More Than 750 Days Since Hurricane Landfall

NY Times Photo The last hurricane to make landfall in the US was Ike, on September 13, 2008. You might remember that Ike was The Hurricane Of Certain Death. That was more than 750 days ago – one of the … Continue reading

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Repeal #1

It is time to stop messing around, and take some action. Congress wants to control the climate through higher taxes. While this idea is both highly logical and practical, it is simply not enough. President Obama wants an integrated climate/energy … Continue reading

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Exponential Growth Continues

Sea level and temperature rise may not be doing much, but growth of readership continues to be exponential. There have been 142,096 page views so far. Using standard climate science extrapolation, I can prove that everyone on the planet will … Continue reading

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No Correlation Between New York Sea Level And CO2

The Day After Tomorrow In 1988, Dr. Hansen forecast that Manhattan would be partially submerged by now due to CO2. He must believe that there is a strong relationship between sea level rise rates and CO2. That is a simple … Continue reading

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9/11, 7/7, And Now 10/10

The Guardian gets excited about 10/10! http://www.guardian.co.uk/environment/blog/2010/oct/04/10-10-campaign-events Now that 10:10 has shared their school massacre fantasies with the world, the Guardian is pumping up their agenda.

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