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Just Making It Up As They Go Along

From the Puffington Host Over the last decade, the Southwest has suffered the sharpest temperature increase on the continent, declining late season snowpack, loss of vegetation, … blah blah blah Those are easy claims to check. Strike 1 : NCDC … Continue reading

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New Ice Forming At Point Barrow

http://ice-glaces.ec.gc.ca/Ice_Can/CMMBCTCA.gif The President’s science advisor said that the Arctic was going to have ice free winters. He must be the smartest guy in the US (world?) to get a job like that. All that new ice up there must be … Continue reading

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UN : Earth Is Near Death

When I was riding my bike in to the office this morning, I was noticing that everything is just like it always is in late October. The leaves are falling off the trees, the weather is cool and wet, the … Continue reading

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Why Has The Ice Been Melting?

We have lots of new readers. This is a quick rehash. Satellites which monitor Arctic ice (and earth’s temperature) came on line right after the PDO shift of 1977. Their period of record is coincident with a period of time … Continue reading

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Crouch Premiership : 520 Minutes – 0 Goals

Malouda : 636 minutes – 6 goals

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Gerald North Caught Fibbing About Hockey

Marc Morano sent this over : Subject: Letter to Editor From: “S. Fred Singer” To: letters@washpost.com CC: Dear Editor Pls consider the appended Letter for early publication. It corrects a factually incorrect Letter published on Oct 17 Thank you S. … Continue reading

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Aliens To Fix Global Warming By 2015

Same date as Barber’s “ice free Arctic.” http://www.tonic.com/article/ufo-new-york-city-stanley-a-fulham/

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Rewriting The Constitution For Global Warming

http://www.dailyemerald.com Did I catch that correctly? The judicial branch making laws?

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NASA Thermostat Paper – Part 3

I’ve already discussed the fact that the NASA press release was misleading, and that it has no empirical support. Here I discuss the problems with the modeling effort and their conclusions. The first problem is that climate models are not … Continue reading

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Ice Free Arctic : 23 Percent Gain Since 2007

Areas of green indicate more ice than 2007. Areas of red mean less ice than 2007. The ice free Arctic has gained 22,767 Manhattans of ice since the same date in 2007, and 38,156 Manhattans since the minimum one month … Continue reading

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