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Basics Of Home Safety

Colorado has very sensible laws with respect to home defense. As a result, we have a very low rate of property crime. 18-1-704.5 – Use of deadly physical force against an intruder. (1) The general assembly hereby recognizes that the … Continue reading

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The Five Fundamental Assumptions Of Bicycle Safety

Spandex – not for everyone Assume anyone driving a pickup truck is angry and hates cyclists. Assume anyone under the age of 25 behind the wheel of a car is an idiot. Assume any driver with a cell phone is … Continue reading

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MIT Global Warming Math : 10 X 0 = 5

http://tech.mit.edu/V130/N45/yost.html Global warming is real. It is predominantly anthropogenic. Left unchecked, it will likely warm the earth by 3-7 C by the end of the century. What should the United States do about it? I drew a 5C/century trend (purple) … Continue reading

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USSR Today Global Warming Poll

USSR USA Today presents the official party line on global warming. Some highlights below.

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Birthday Party At The North Pole

http://nsidc.org/images/arcticseaicenews/20101004_Figure6.png Ice in the Arctic Ocean is born in October. So all that turquoise ice in the NSIDC graph above is now green (except for the little bit which has been transported out of the Arctic in the last two … Continue reading

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Getting Down To The Root Of Hansen’s Climate Sensitivity Problem

I was looking at a Hansen article from the 1980s, and think I am starting to understand where his bloated theories about climate sensitivity come from. You may want to click on the above image to see it larger.

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Leif Ericson – With A GPS, Internet, Satellite, Phone, Airplanes, Power Bars ….

(Actual 10th century photograph of Lief Ericson) Crew circles North Pole in one summer A trimaran sailing boat has circled the North Pole in a single summer season, a feat made possible by global warming and the melting of the … Continue reading

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Ehrlich 1972 : “Everyone Will Disappear In A Cloud Of Blue Steam”

Paul Ehrlich, lifetime partner in environmental insanity with John Holdren, warned us in 1972 :

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