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Another Brilliant Prediction From 1969

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Holdren 1969 : The Science Is Settled – Everyone Starving Before The Year 2000

Turns out we have all been dead for over a decade. So what are we arguing about? Holdren wrote this in 1969. World food production must double in the period 1965-2000 to stay even; it must triple if nutrition is … Continue reading

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“If you can’t trust these guys to poll scientists accurately — why would you trust their climate models?”

From the San Francisco Chronicle : I went to the APS web site to check on the controversy on the group’s global warming statement, to which Lewis objected. The short version: “The evidence is incontrovertible: Global warming is occurring.”

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Sea Level Trends Nearly Constant For The Past 100 Years

Over the past five years, sea level has risen at an average of 2 mm/year. http://sealevel.colorado.edu/current/sl_noib_global.txt But as you can see, this is mainly due to the El Niño spike. If we look at the four years prior to that, … Continue reading

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DMI Arctic Ice Extent Close To A Record High

The press continues to talk incessantly about the Arctic meltdown, while the ice itself is about to set a record high for the date in the DMI database. Mother Nature seems to be sending the 10/10/10 religious worshipers yet another … Continue reading

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JPL Acknowledges That The Basis Of Hansen’s Sea Level Numbers Is Wrong

Antarctic temperatures are far below freezing all year. During June, I explained on WUWT that the University of Texas GRACE interpretations were wrong due to glacial rebound (isostasy.) Later in the summer they acknowledged that my explanation was correct.

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Introducing 100:100 and 290.org

10:10 and 350.org are deluding themselves. Their targets are worthless. The hockey stick clearly shows that the tipping point occurred in 1900 (green circle) when CO2 levels were 290 ppm. By contrast 350 ppm (1988) is marked by the red … Continue reading

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Latest Recruits For 10:10 – Hitler, Franco, Mussolini, Stalin

I just checked out Franny “Splattergate” Armstrong’s page at 10:10 and noticed who the latest recruits are. Hitler, Himmler, Pot, Stalin, Mussolini, Franco. They recognize genocidal talent when they see it – even from beyond the grave.

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CU October Update : Sea Level Has Dropped 15 mm So Far This Year

The University of Colorado just updated their sea level data, and it now shows a drop of 15 mm since the end of last year. If that were to continue, sea level would fall close to 1.5 metres (5 feet) … Continue reading

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Romm Proves That Hansen’s Sea Level Forecasts Are Way Out Of Line

Joe Romm dependably took the bait, and produced the graph below – which shows that sea level is rising at a rate of 12 inches per century – with a drop since the start of 2010. Of course he didn’t bother … Continue reading

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