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Hiding The Decline

Your team is losing the game with five minutes to play, and no hope in sight. How do you win? The graph above was the IPCC view of the world in 1990. Nothing scary there, and that simply needed more … Continue reading

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More On The Hokey Stick

I overlaid Cook’s hockey graph (turquoise) on the ENSO graph, and guess what?

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Rooney Blames His Problems on Fergie

That makes sense. Rooney barely got a touch on the ball for three weeks in South Africa, and it is Sir Alex’s fault. Maybe a better approach for Wayne would be to either lose weight or move back to midfield? … Continue reading

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More Fun In Nuuk

Anthony and I have noticed lots of comedy going on with the GISS Godthab graph. Here is another dose of GISS humour. The graph below shows temperatures before homogenization, including the bogus 2010 data. The next graph shows how they … Continue reading

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Everything But The Spandex Part ….

Nice video about cycling. I had to drive a kid to school this morning and was thinking about how annoying it is be stuck in a car, particularly during rush hour. h/t to Julienne Stroeve

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“Thing Of The Past” : Snow Forecast For East Anglia Next Week


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CSU Prof : Temperatures To Rise 5-10 Degrees By 2090

“The measurements are the same no matter who makes them. They’ve been getting the same results for 150 years,” Denning said during a lecture Tuesday night attended by about 100 people. “The molecules don’t care. It doesn’t matter what you … Continue reading

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Upcoming Yale Survey : Is Climochondria A Communicable Or Hereditary Disease?

In the coming months, Leiserowitz’s team will publish data regarding the effect children and parents have on one another in transmitting climate change knowledge. http://www.yaledailynews.com/news/2010/oct/20/study-shows-global-warming-not-so-hot-with-america/

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NRDC Poll : Voters Want Poverty

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Russian Heat Wave : -18 F In Siberia

Morning update : -27F http://www.wunderground.com/global/stations/24688.html The press claims to be worried about Russian heat. This seems to have somehow escaped their attention.

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