Who Do You Rely On?

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Aliens have invaded Earth and have given you a choice – shut down climate heroes Hansen and Mann, or shut down those evil oil companies which are destroying the planet.

That would be a tough call. If Hansen and Mann retired, that would spoil a lot of fun writing articles. By contrast, if the oil companies shut down, society would completely collapse in about two weeks and most people would be starving to death within a month.

Which would you choose?

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4 Responses to Who Do You Rely On?

  1. Ford Prefect says:

    If we take a completely telological approach to this issue and analyze the relative morality of distroying the jobs and livelihoods of many versus the lives of two relatively nonproductive personages whose scientific work product is the subjct of some level of debate, I think you have to go with lining Hansen and Mann up against El Paradon and shouting in a loud and distict voice Fuego!

    (The aliens probably won’t even notice)

  2. Steve Koch says:

    When I saw your title, I thought you were going to discuss who is the most reliable source of temperature records. the land temperature records all seem corrupted. How about the satellite temp records, are they pretty reliable? ow do the ocean temp records compare to the satellite temp records for reliability.

    It seems a bit crazy to rely on temp records from Jones and Hansen and act as if they are bona fide. A post comparing the various temp records wrt reliability would be interesting and very useful.

  3. MikeA says:

    Steven I can assure you that I will be nominating you for the 2010 Weblog awards. The crazy humor of your posts will ensure your victory over The Onion.

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