Ice Expanding And Thickening Over The Last Week

Note the increase in thickness near the pole over the last seven days. Temperatures have been below -5ºC there for several weeks now.

Ice concentration is close to 100% across the entire pack.

We also know that the age of the ice is older than it has been for several years.

The ice is older, thicker, more concentrated – and growing faster. That is what an objective person would call a “recovery.”

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5 Responses to Ice Expanding And Thickening Over The Last Week

  1. Amino says:

    You can say growing and expanding—but you can’t say volume is increasing. 😉

  2. TimC says:

    Amino – why not? Surely it’s just a straightforward pixel size (area) x colour code (thickness) integration, to confirm?

  3. Bruce says:

    Joe Bastardi is expressing frustration with NSIDC. I particularly like Joe’s equation of pythonic Black Knight = NSIDC Arctic Ice forecasting. Read it now before it scrolls off, since Joe doesn’t use a permalink format:



    Someone in authority in the U.S. lying or wrong; it’s that simple.

    We have the spokesman from the NSIDC claiming again, like three years ago before he woke up and realized the La Nina was causing a recovery, that Arctic sea ice is in a death spiral. He tries to use the metric “thickness of ice.”

    Yet here we have the NAVY saying the ice is thicker.

    Somebody is wrong.

  4. Brendon says:

    And yet now it is at the lowest point for this time of year, in recorded history.

    And, on a yearly average, less ice covers the Arctic now than at any time in recent geologic history.

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