What If The US Cut CO2 Emissions by 50%?

Humans generate 3% of the earth’s annual CO2 emissions. Of that 3%, the US generates about 20%. So if we cut US CO2 emissions by 50%, the total reduction in emissions would be :

0.03 X 0.2 X 0.5 = 0.003 or 0.3%

Is anyone actually gullible enough to believe that is going to affect the climate?


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2 Responses to What If The US Cut CO2 Emissions by 50%?

  1. Jack Savage says:

    You do not seem to understand….never mind the damage to the economy and individual families and the like….it is the PRINCIPLE of the thing that matters.
    Pragmatism has no chance when faced with blind faith.

  2. Byz says:

    No it wouldn’t effect climate, however it might reduce waste and “real” polution (i.e. not CO2).

    I see my children think that they can just throw things away when they don’t want them.

    When I was a boy we treasured what we had and mended things if they got broken, the problem today is that everyone just throws things away, and these things get shipped to the 3rd world and pollute the soil, the ground water and the poor people that have to pull them apart to be recycled.

    In many parts of the world people die from the heavy metals used in electrical components as they have to manually pull these things apart.

    If manufacturers made things more modular in design then when one bit wore out you could replace a component, instead of the whole thing, whereas nowadays it is cheaper to buy a new one than fix the old one 🙁

    Making new ones all the time makes more CO2 thus reducing the CO2 will mean that less resources are being wasted.

    Anyone who knows me is aware that I am sceptic when it come to CO2 and climate but I don’t like wasting things or polluting the world around me. 🙁

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