NSIDC Maps Show 10% Ice Growth During The Past Week

My composite of NSIDC’ September 27/20 maps shows new ice in green.

There has been 25% gain since September 25, 2007.

Ice extent is at 73% of the thirty year mean.

So what is interesting about all this? Let’s remember a few expert claims :

  1. PIOMAS said ice was the thinnest on record this spring
  2. Barber says the remaining thick ice is rotten
  3. Hansen says it was the hottest year on record
  4. Hansen says that the Arctic had a very warm summer
  5. PIOMAS said the ice was melting very quickly in late July, and forecast a record minimum more than 10% below 2007

Obviously if all these things were true, there wouldn’t be much ice in the Arctic right now. Something is clearly wrong with the body of expert opinions.

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4 Responses to NSIDC Maps Show 10% Ice Growth During The Past Week

  1. Amino says:

    I see from the graphs there is historically rapid growth in October. Since rapid growth is already happening I am curious where 2010 will be in the 3rd week of October. Maybe nothing dramatic will happen between now and then. But it’s interesting to watch.

  2. Amino says:

    Ice extent is at 73% of the thirty year mean….

    Where would it be with a 1000 year mean? Wish I knew.

  3. Scott says:

    Preliminary JAXA extent number has us gaining 68125 km^2. That may not seem all the special, but the last two “revisions” have added about 40000 km^2 each. If something like that happens again, we could threaten to make two records.

    The first is that this would be the first year with more than one single-day 100000+ km^2 gain in Sept (obviously in the JAXA record…not making any other claim than that). Heck, there are only 2 other days like that in all the other years – Sept 24, 2004, and Sept 30, 2007 (it’s possible that 2002 had a gain like that in the missing time chunk too, as that year had a very fast gain also). The second record we could see threatened is the largest overall single-day gain in Sept, which was the Sept 30, 2007 value of 125157 km^2. I doubt we’ll see the revision go that high though…but I’d say there’s a small chance. We’ll know in a few hours….

    What’s funny is that we could be talking about a third day of 100000+ km^2 gains (and the second in a row) if things ended up just a bit different. The Sept 27 gain was 97500 km^2. Oh well, rounds to 100000 km^2. 🙂


  4. Scott says:

    Oops, the largest single-day gain in Sept was Sept 30, 2008, not 2007 as I said in the previous comment.


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