Pope Begins His Third-World Tour


The first state visit by a Pope to the UK gets under way later when Benedict XVI flies into Edinburgh.

He will meet the Queen at Holyrood House and parade through the city before an open-air Mass in Glasgow.

Tens of thousands of people are expected to line the streets to catch a glimpse of the Roman Catholic leader.

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5 Responses to Pope Begins His Third-World Tour

  1. Byz says:

    Oh please don’t use the BBC 🙁

    Very pro AGW, deeply anti Catholic and anti Christian.

    They bash Christians at every opportunity at every chance they go on and on about Galileo, but never mention Monsignor Georges Henri Joseph Édouard Lemaître who gave us the theory of the “Big bang” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Georges_Lemaître or the fact that Nicolaus Copernicus was a Catholic Priest (often glossed over) who was attacked at the time for his Catholic beliefs.

    If the could they’d have the inscription placed back on the Monument (to the Great Fire of London) saying that it was started by Catholics (the Duke of Wellington had it removed).

    In the UK (in Statute) if you are a Catholic you are still not allowed to be Prime Minister or become Monarch (this applies also if you marry a practicing Catholic and you are in line for the Throne).

    This does not apply to any other religion and when they tried to change this a couple of years ago it was opposed, we still live in the 16th Century if you are a Catholic 🙁

    Sorry for the rant but I’ve had two weeks of deeply anti-Catholic propaganda shoved down my throat at every turn by the British media. 🙁

  2. Yarmy says:

    Apparently they’ve booked some of the Ibrox car parks for the worshippers. That’ll go down well with the Rangers’ fans!

  3. Arthur Norton says:

    “Pope Begins His Third World Tour” – shouldn’t that be “Pope Begins His Third-World Tour”? (If not, I wasn’t aware that he had toured the world twice already.)

  4. max says:

    I believe you are right Author Norton, but some people might not want to have the UK listed as the first stop on his Holiness’s tour of 3rd world countries.

  5. Phil's Dad says:

    My mate Dave (the Mayor) is meeting him tomorrow morning.
    I’ll see if I can get a picture and send it to you.

    PS They will both be wearing dresses and necklaces with adorable little hats.
    Funny old world.

    PPS How do I send a photo?

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