Alchemy Of Salt

Discovery News reports that global warming is creating salt.

Every day seems to bring another bad piece of news about global warming. Just this month, we found out the oceans are saltier than ever and 2010 will probably be the warmest on record, so it’s clear that we have a serious problem on our hands.

The oceans have been getting saltier for the last few billion years, because rainwater steadily dissolves salts which get washed into the ocean. I’m puzzling over how you turn CO2 in to NaCl ….Any theories?

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5 Responses to Alchemy Of Salt

  1. MikeTheDenier says:

    In the world of Gore, Hansen, Mann, etc. anything is possible. Haven’t you been clued in yet?

  2. Green Sand says:

    I would take it with a pinch of …..

  3. PJB says:

    Hmmmnnn, makes sense. CO2 acidifies the rain so that it leaches out more salts from the weathering of the rocks.

    Natural processes are so fragile and fickle. They bend to the will and wont of man all the time. I am sure that the pH of rain must be lowered by….at least 0.001 pH unit from the increase in atmospheric CO2…..Sadly, “they” may never give up.

  4. bruce ryan says:

    ut oh , does this mean there is more ice?

    • Sean Ogilvie says:

      No you fool!

      There’s les ice it’s just got more anti-salt * in it leaving the ever rising oceans even saltier!
      Get with the program…

      * Anti-salt is what the Star Ship Enterprise uses to prevent rust.

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