Greens Are The Real National Security Threat

The US oil boom is sucking the life out of ISIS financiers, and greens are doing everything they can to stop the US oil boom.

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8 Responses to Greens Are The Real National Security Threat

  1. DakotaKid says:

    The Oil has done wonders for the North Dakota Budget. I would rather see people in this country profiting from Oil than ISIS

  2. KuhnKat says:

    DakotaKid, ISIS?!?!?! What about Jihad supporting Arab and African States, Iran, Russia and Venezuela…

  3. The bigger question, from a national security standpoint, is: how low does it have to get for our budget to be balanced? RTF

  4. Traitor In Chief says:

    The problem is that our oil shale industry needs prices fairly high to remain solvent. If the price falls to 75, some of it will certainly shut down.

  5. jjreuter says:

    So by lowering the price we defeat those against us. This is why Putin is stirring up trouble. Frack on dudes.

  6. oarubio says:

    Our anti-pipe line leaders won’t defeat OPEC and others, but perhaps the reality of budget deficits will get them just as it is ruining us.

  7. jjreuter says:

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