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Al Gore Predicted Gonzalo!

Five years ago, Nobel Laureate Al Gore predicted Hurricane Gonzalo in the cover photo of his book Al Gore’s Earth, and also predicted that it would circulate in a clockwise direction, making it the first ever clockwise cyclone in the Northern … Continue reading

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John Cook Says Record Antarctic Sea Ice Is Caused By Warming Seas Around Antarctica

The most common misconception regarding Antarctic sea ice is that sea ice is increasing because it’s cooling around Antarctica. Goddard commits this error on several occasions. The reality is the Southern Ocean surrounding Antarctica has shown strong warming over the same period … Continue reading

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Einsteins View Of Intelligent Design

Every one who is seriously involved in the pursuit of science becomes convinced that a spirit is manifest in the laws of the Universe-a spirit vastly superior to that of man, and one in the face of which we with … Continue reading

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I Blame Global Warming

Scientists say CO2 is the control knob, and the US is about to pass nine years without a major hurricane strike, the longest such period on record. This is clearly your fault, and you should feel ashamed. That and the … Continue reading

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Bill Gray Editorial In The Coloradoan

Another awesome piece from my hero, Bill Gray, whose funding was cut off in 1993 by VP Al Gore – over Bill’s refusal to participate in a Gore fear mongering activity. Despite increasing amounts of CO2 gas in the atmosphere, … Continue reading

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Guardian Writer Says He Can See Something Which Hasn’t Happened

Rising sea levels aren’t a scientific threat – it’s happening outside my window I have always reassured myself that this coast where I live has looked the same ever since I first started coming to this area as a toddler. … Continue reading

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Obama Green Energy : It Can’t Blow Up A Balloon, But It Can Run Your Country

Green energy is easy to understand. Solyndra donates to Obama’s campaign, and in exchange they get $700 million of your greenbacks.

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A New Excuse From The Team!

The latest excuse, explaining why glaciers are expanding Oct 14, 2014 Even as the climate continues to grow warmer and melt glaciers around the world, the stable glaciers of the Himalaya’s Karakoram region, a picturesque chain of snowy peaks spanning … Continue reading

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CO2 Contributes Less Than 2.5% Of The Greenhouse Effect

Contrary to all the BS being spewed by top climate scientists, their own models shows that CO2 has almost no impact on climate. The graph below shows the greenhouse effect during mid-latitude summer for three scenarios, calculated using RRTM – … Continue reading

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Come Party In Maryland

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