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Mindless Superstition Is The New Normal

South Florida Wants to Be the 51st State Because of Climate Change Worries – NationalJournal.com South Florida wants to stop sea level rise by forming  a new state. Makes perfect sense if you have the IQ of a turnip. Just … Continue reading

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How To Get People To Do Really Bad Things

Hitler convinced Germans that Jews threaten their very existence. Obama convinced Democrats that Republicans threaten their very existence. That is why the global warming scam is so important to Obama and the Democrats. It is way to get the useful … Continue reading

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Remembering 2012

Presidential polls have traditionally been very accurate, but they were way off the mark in 2012. That is what happens when Democrats control the vote counting. “You know, comrades,” says Stalin, “that I think in regard to this: I consider … Continue reading

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Why US Climate Experts Believe The World Began In The 1970’s

US climate experts start their graphs in the 1970s, because it was the coolest period on record in the US, and was much hotter prior to 1960. In the private sector, this would get you prosecuted. In academia, it gets … Continue reading

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The Southeastern US Used To Be Much Hotter

During the 1930’s, 50-60% of the US was over 100 degrees, but now it is about half that. The past two years have been among the coolest on record.

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More Reasons Why BOM Doesn’t Report Temperatures Before 1910

Australia used to be very hot.

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Just How Stupid Is Heidi Cullen?

Look at 1974 in Heidi’s graph. That was the year of the worst tornado outbreak in US history, and the year Darwin was wiped off the map by Cyclone Tracy. Then there was the Bhola Cyclone in 1970 which killed … Continue reading

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Learning To Think Like Climate Expert

Prior to 1955, very hot days in Nebraska were quite common, but they almost never happen any more. There were a couple of hot days in 2011 and 2012, which experts like James Hansen declared to be 99% certain CO2 … Continue reading

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Hot Nights In Nebraska Are A Thing Of The Past

This graph shows a stunning example of how NCDC is defrauding the American people. Minimum temperatures in Nebraska over 25C used to be quite common, but they rarely happen any more. In 1934, more than 80% of Nebraska saw minimum … Continue reading

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