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This Is Officially A Chemtrails/Haarp Free Zone

Don’t bring that nonsense here. It is every bit as stupid as the CO2 nonsense.

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President Obama Takes His Climate Fraud To Ridiculous New Levels

“You are entitled to your opinion, but not your own facts” – Barack Obama 2012 The President of the United States says that wildfires are becoming more frequent. US wildfires are at a 30 year low, and have been declining … Continue reading

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Something Else Is Frozen In Denmark

Greenland is having their second highest ratio of record minimums to record maximums this year. The only year which beat it was 1992, which was cooled by the eruption of Mt. Pinatubo Temperatures in the capital of Greenland are plummeting, and … Continue reading

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Something Is Frozen In Denmark

While NASA and NOAA are busy lying about record heat, something remarkable is happening in the Northern Hemisphere. It is turning very cold. Sea surface temperatures have plummeted.  sst_anom_new.gif (800×600) Arctic sea ice is about to return to “normal” N_daily_extent.png … Continue reading

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Making The Right Choice

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Creating A Record Global Temperature – Gavin Style

Gavin says that 2014 is the hottest ever. His robust methodology is shown below.  He simply cools the past and warms the present, and by some strange mathematical phenomenon – the present year becomes the warmest. 2001 version : wayback.archive.org/web/20010507……FigA.txt current version … Continue reading

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New Voting Machine Application – Available Now

It took about five minutes to build this exciting new voting machine application, which is beyond the grasp of $4 trillion in government spending. Confirmation dialog boxes are standard practice for transaction applications. Why don’t voting machines have them? It defies comprehension … Continue reading

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The New Normal In Climate Science – Perfect Anti-Correlation

The latest theory from the climate geniuses, is that missing Arctic ice causes cold winters. Let’s test that out. According to NCDC, 1979 was the coldest winter in US history. 1979 was also the year with peak Arctic ice. The exact … Continue reading

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