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Does Your Supermarket Select The Wrong Food?

When you check out of the grocery store, have you ever seen the touch screen select the wrong food? Have you ever seen a bank ATM select the wrong digit? Does your phone select the wrong digit? You might press … Continue reading

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Republican Votes In Maryland Being Electronically Flipped To Democrats

NewsMax reports Maryland, Illinois Voting Machines May be Rigged for Democrats Tuesday, 28 Oct 2014 11:28 AM By Melanie Batley A number of voting machines in Maryland and Illinois are electronically switching Republican votes to the Democrats, raising suspicions that … Continue reading

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Erasing The Unanimous Consensus

Before Mikey erased the MWP and LIA, there was “no question” they existed. TimesMachine: February 16, 1979 – NYTimes.com

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The Next Big Event In Climate Science

When Arctic sea ice goes above normal, climate experts will blame the excess Arctic ice on cold weather caused by missing Arctic ice.

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Government Taking Credit For Global Warming Pause Which They Say Doesn’t Exist

President Obama says that global warming is proceeding even faster than expected, while the UK Government is talking credit for stopping global warming. Government measures ‘may have slowed down global warming’: Energy minister claims policies are playing a role in … Continue reading

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Guardian Says That Freezing Air Melts Ice

The Guardian, Sunday 26 October 2014 Global warming has doubled risk of harsh winters in Eurasia, research finds Severe winters are more likely over the next few decades due to climate change melting Arctic ice and sending freezing air south, … Continue reading

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More Mindless Climate Drivel From The White House

Projected Climate Change As in other areas, the amount of warming in the Northeast will be highly dependent on global emissions of heat-trapping gases. If emissions continue to increase (as in the A2 scenario), warming of 4.5ºF to 10ºF is … Continue reading

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