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BOM Hiding All Those Inconvenient Years Before 1910

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NCDC Turns America’s 17th Coldest Year Into An Above Average Year

NCDC shows January-September 2014 as being warmer than normal, but the thermometer data it comes from shows the same period as being the 17th coldest on record. They accomplish this impressive piece of propaganda by massively cooling the past, to … Continue reading

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Celebrating 35 Years Of Climate Scientists Misleading The Public

Climate scientists love 1979, because it was very cold and allows them to create wildly misleading graphs which conflate one leg of a cycle with a long-term linear trend. In the private sector this is called fraud, but in government … Continue reading

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2002 : Jerry Brown Sued George Bush To Stop Sea Revel Rise

2 Western Cities Join Suit to Fight Global Warming Published: December 24, 2002 Mayor Jerry Brown of Oakland, who is a former governor of California and a former presidential candidate, said in an interview today that the suit was necessary … Continue reading

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Gaia Is A Prankster

Twenty-four years ago, experts speculated that declining snow cover might be due to CO2.   Northern Hemisphere Snow Cover Found to Be Shrinking – NYTimes.com Immediately after their observation, the snow went into a hockey stick to record levels. Rutgers University … Continue reading

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Terrifying Imagery Of CO2 Pollution

This is the Rawhide Power Plant in Colorado, pouring tons to CO2 into the atmosphere.  The White House says it is the most dangerous problem mankind has ever faced. These children are inadvertently exchanging  40,000 PPM CO2 – 100 times the … Continue reading

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