Arctic Gaining Two Manhattans Of Sea Ice Every Minute

Over the past three days, the overheated Arctic has been gaining sea ice at a rate of one Manhattan area every 30 seconds. Green below shows the three day gain in ice.

ScreenHunter_3838 Oct. 19 08.17

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18 Responses to Arctic Gaining Two Manhattans Of Sea Ice Every Minute

  1. Ima Skepticidal says:

    How many hiroshimas a minute of heat are being sucked out of the overheated atmosphere in creating this huge increase in arctic sea ice?

  2. nielszoo says:

    The real question is can we get Manhattan covered in sea ice? That might shut the warmists up… or at least the ones up who live there. I give them 2 days before they go “Lord of the Flies.”

  3. rishrac says:

    Wait, wait… isn’t the Arctic ice free? And all that heat, isn’t that being retained, reheating the ice and melting it? They’ll have to send a research plane to tell us the obvious. I bet that they will have a grave concern on temperatures are higher than we thought.

  4. 1957chev says:

    So….if I want to make lots of ice, I keep the water in the warm oven? Is this common core science?

  5. Jeffery says:

    Yawn. The Arctic ice extent grows this time of year. It’s like declaring global warming over because it’s 48 F in the Midwest today but it was 58 yesterday.

    • Glenn Festog says:

      But.., but.., Gore said the Arctic would be ice-free by 2014. Oh God, the knock at the door…, IT’S MANBEARPIG! Run! Run for your lives!

    • mjc says:

      No shit, Sherlock…

      But according to your buddies, there SHOULD NOT be any ice to grow, right now!

      If any freezing were to take place, it would do so in the depths of winter, somewhere like January.

  6. Kenneth simmons says:

    The big question is whether the rate of increase of sea ice is below or above a known normal, does anybody have an answer?

  7. ObiWan says:

    When are the BBC going to get around to reporting this..?



  8. Jbird says:

    Margaritas and Vodka Gimlets for everyone!!

  9. Danny Straw says:

    But but but Al Gore said we would be dead by now, maybe next week..

  10. Required Name so we can control opinions and credibility says:

    what would be so kind of them to note is that the ice caps melt and enlarge in basically a circle.
    this is hard proof that the earth is not at a 23.5 degree tilt revolving around the Sun at 17.6 miles per second with its atmosphere magically glued to it. As on a tilted Earth the pole caps would melt and reform in a side to side pattern as the angle of sunlight changed throughout the year.
    So all of the climate change talk is pretty stupid when they don’t even tell us the TRUE NATURE OF OUR EXISTENCE.
    Copernicus was 500 years ago… BEFORE AIRPLANES WERE INVENTED!!!
    Grab a cup of coffee and WAKE UP the Matrix has you.

  11. HL Mencken says:

    Two Manhattans a minute? Now that’s an ice making machine if there ever was one!

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