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The Price Of Telling The Truth In Al Gore’s World

Dr. Bill Gray from CSU correctly predicted the hiatus 20 years ago, and was rewarded by VP Al Gore by having his long-time NOAA funding cut off. In 1996, CSU’s Bill Gray predicted weak cooling for the next 20-30 years. His … Continue reading

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Monthly Serreze Propaganda Update

 2014 melt season in review | Arctic Sea Ice News and Analysis Mark Serreze continues to claim that the satellite record began in 1979, which he knows isn’t true. NSIDC has satellite data for Arctic ice going back to the 1960’s. … Continue reading

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One Upmanship In Data Tampering

The sea level guys apparently were jealous over the amount of data tampering which the temperature guys get to do, so one day in 2012 they increased Envisat sea level rise from 0.466 mm/year to 2.33 mm/year. Old   New … Continue reading

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