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More Spectacular Climate Fraud From The US Government

From the 2014 US Climate Assessment: The Northeast has experienced a greater recent increase in extreme precipitation than any other region in the United States; between 1958 and 2010, the Northeast saw more than a 70% increase in the amount … Continue reading

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Chris Christie Pulls A Repeat Of Election 2012

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John Holdren Competes With John Cleese For Science Comedy

A few years ago, Obama’s science czar John Holdren predicted we would have ice-free winters in the Arctic. This year he said that the melting Arctic caused the record Great Lakes ice. So global warming makes the Arctic ice-free, and also makes the Great Lakes … Continue reading

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Trenberth Proves Global Warming

In his May, 2014 debate with Judith Curry in Boulder, Kevin Trenberth cited US warmth in 2012 as proof of global warming

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BBC Airing A New Episode Of The Exorcist

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Why Katherine Hayhoe Thinks Time Began In 1970

Katherine Hayhoe is not your ordinary young Earth creationist. Most of her graphs start around 1970. Here is why.

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My Arctic Forecast

Arctic sea ice extent will be close to, or above the median in about a week. This is because the current deficiency is in the Chukchi Sea – which always freezes rapidly this time of year.  COI | Centre for … Continue reading

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Now For The Punch Line

I’ve been doing an experiment the last couple of days to lure in the clueless (like David Appell) and watch them drool when the bell rings. Yesterday I posted a piece showing that 2014 was the coolest year on the record … Continue reading

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