The Real Climate March

Climate March organizers made up some ridiculous numbers claiming that they had 400,000 people in New York. People on the ground estimated that the actual number was about one third of that.

By contrast, between Twitter and WordPress I had an actual 400,000 views last week, with a carbon footprint about one ten millionth of the climate marchers.

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10 Responses to The Real Climate March

  1. Joe P. says:

    It does matter what is real, only what people perceive as real, that mid afternoon NYC Climate March organizers press release at 310,000 picked up by press, then updated to 400,000, well if say true must believe, just like temp rising, more tornadoes, more droughts, sea level rising, more hurricanes, all BS and opposite true, but if you believe you are a good person preventing global catastrophe, there are 240,000 imaginary people with you marching and a cliff nearby to follow them to, but can do best to save planet, all what think and others do which matters, reality and science is another story, does not matter CO2 and global warming is like a TV fictional sitcom people believe.

  2. Mat Helm says:

    You failed to count all of us with high powered 2000watt 6 monitor system, running 24/7, hitting the refresh key 5 times a second awaiting your next post…. ;p

  3. au1corsair says:

    Speaking of virtual marchers, compare media coverage of the NYC climate march to the “hits” on this blog: according to Bing there were 46,500,000 results when I did an Internet search. Google only returned 12,000,000. Yahoo! returned 46,500,000 also.

    My search term was “nyc climate march.”

    These large, even numbers do make me blink, but adding in over 400,000 hits on this blog in both WordPress and Twitter and taking as given that the results above were each viewed thousands of times, the virtual marchers could out-number living humans on this planet.

    Ghosts. Why does it have to be ghosts!

  4. Edmonton Al says:

    Question: How many Rolling Stones …. 4?
    How many watching? 1.2 million?
    How many AGW marchers? and how many watching?

  5. g2-9ed9acc685824c6663c51c5b093476cc says:

    Saving the planet, one pixel at a time.

  6. dmmcmah says:

    You had 400,000 uniques?

  7. bit chilly says:

    400,000 and growing, we are all spreading the word 🙂

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