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9, 10, 11 Barcelona

Tough to beat that combination

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Percentage Of 90 Degree Days In The US Fourth Lowest On Record

Through September 26, the percentage of 90 degree temperature readings in the US has been the fourth lowest on record. The frequency of 90 degree days has been plummeting since the 1930’s, and occurred only half as often this year … Continue reading

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President Obama Says That The Islamic State Has Nothing To Do With The Islamic State

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Nuttercelli Working To Slime Guardian Readers Again

Dana is unhappy about 60% growth in the Arctic summer minimum sea ice extent, area and volume over the past two years – so he published these¬†graphs which show Arctic ice falling off a cliff   Note that he cleverly … Continue reading

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NASA’s Administrator Explains Their Primary Mission

President Obama told me … ¬†foremost mission is to reach out and make Muslims feel good about themselves

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No Profiling Zone

We reject profiling, because it is illegal and immoral. Date Country City Killed Injured Description 2014.09.26 Afghanistan Ghazni 100 0 Over one-hundred people are reported killed by an Islamic fundamentalist assault on their villages. 2014.09.25 Pakistan Rawalpindi 1 1 A … Continue reading

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