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Greenhouse Effect And Thermodynamics

If there were few greenhouse gases (like Antarctica) LW radiation would easily escape the earth’s atmosphere and temperatures would be much colder. The presence of greenhouse gases makes it more difficult for LW radiation to escape, which forces the atmosphere to … Continue reading

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Latest News From The Al Gore Ice Free Arctic

  The RCGS/La SGRC on Twitter: The #VSExpedition team rescued a trapped boat from ice & lurking polar bears!

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Here It Comes Again ….

The US has been having one of its coldest years on record, and the cold is forecast to return in spectacular fashion in about a week. 10-Day Temperature Outlook for the Conterminous U.S.

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Of Course The Greenhouse Effect Is Real

Anyone who lives in a cold climate knows that a cloudy night will feel much warmer than a clear night at the same temperature. This is because of downwelling longwave radiation from the clouds – i.e. the Greenhouse Effect. H2O … Continue reading

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Hiding The Decline In Bathurst

GHCN thermometer data shows Bathurst cooling 1.3C/century from 1910 to 1983, yet NASA shows Bathurst warming by 0.3C/century over that same period (using the same thermometer data.) They accomplish this through an impressive hockey stick of data tampering.

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Yesterday’s Radio Interview

I was interviewed by Doug Wagner at WMT in Cedar Rapids. Interview starts at minute 41. Doug did an excellent job and asked good questions. http://600.wmtradio.com/media/podcast-whats-happening-WhatsHappening/whats-happening-9314-10am-hour-25245276/

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Make Your Mind Up Katharine!

Katherine Hayhoe demonstrates that she will say anything for attention.

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Bathurst Maximum Temperature Since The 1850s

This graph is important. I combined two stations in Bathurst to produce a complete record since the 1850s. The first station ASN00063004 (blue) stopped operating in 1983. The second station ASN00063005 (red) started operating in 1966. It is at a cooler location, … Continue reading

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Not UHI! [Updated Yes UHI!]

[Updated] – it looks like the GHCN Nobby’s data is BS, and means that Sydney is experiencing UHI The tide gauge at Nobbys Beach shows identical warming to Sydney, since it opened in 1957 The tide gauge at Nobbys shows sea … Continue reading

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Scientists Are 99.999% Certain That Non-Existent Global Warming Is Mann-Made

4 September 2014 99.999% certainty humans are driving global warming: new study Scientists are super-duper extra certain that humans are driving global warming, except for the fact that the globe isn’t warming. 2 September 2014 ‘Global warming has been on pause … Continue reading

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