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From The Global Cooling Days

I’m moving out of my house in Fort Collins, and found this in the garage. My first marksmanship award from Big Springs Ranch, Florissant, Colorado  1968. Just up the road from ManBearPig Cave. Back in the days when boys were … Continue reading

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Global Warming Survivor!

My Begonia survived Gavin’s hottest August ever. I’m going to buy it a T-Shirt

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In 1975, Scientists Blamed Jet Stream Dips On Global Cooling

In an effort to save their funding and reputations, climate scientists are currently trying to blame jet stream dips on global warming.  But in 1975 scientists knew that they were caused by global cooling. Science News, Vol. 107 March 1, … Continue reading

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Prove Me Wrong!

Graphs like this would be trivial to debunk if my analysis was incorrect. Go for it. The number of temperature readings has increased over time, so that is not going to fly as an explanation for the decline.

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Learning To Think Like A Progressive Scientist

We hear idiotic remarks all the time from experts like : We are having 100 year rainfalls every year now It is difficult to grasp the level of stupidity behind that remark. The odds of winning the lottery are 100 … Continue reading

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What Part Of This Isn’t Clear?

Most of the US is cooling dramatically, and has been for 80 years. That is why NCDC and NASA make their massive downwards adjustments of the past – to hide the decline in US temperatures.

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Peak September Temperatures In The Midwest Have Plummeted Over The Past Century

Prior to 1950, 100 degree temperatures in the midwest were very common. They almost never happen any more.

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No Change In Average Northern Hemisphere Snow Cover For 25 Years

Over the past 25 years, there has been no net change in Northern Hemisphere snow cover. The amount of snow in autumn and winter has increased, while spring and summer snow cover has decreased. Note that there has been a … Continue reading

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Understanding Global Warming

Scientists explain global warming in simple terms, which even us simple minded skeptics can understand. Milder winter temperatures will decrease heavy snowstorms IPCC Third Assessment Report  Warmer winters and fewer cold spells, because of climate change, will decrease cold-related mortality … Continue reading

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Climate Engineering In 1975

In 1975, America’s top climate scientist wanted to melt the Arctic, in order to save us from climate change. Large-scale climate modification is a different story. If, for example, someone really wanted to melt the polar ice cap, spreading a … Continue reading

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