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A Reminder Of Some Of The Extreme Stupidity Of 2014

On January 6, with the Arctic at -30C and full of ice, Bryan Walsh of Time Magazine blamed the cold weather in the US on melting Arctic ice. Then he went on to blame the polar vortex on global warming, … Continue reading

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Zeke Is Right – In Australia

Maximum temperatures are on a long-term decline in Australia ‘ But the absolute temperatures are increasing. This is because they have been progressively adding hotter stations to the thermometer record. By contrast, anomalies vs. absolute temperatures look almost identical in … Continue reading

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Visualizing The Greenland Meltdown

The usual team of climate liars claims that Greenland is melting down and its glaciers are shrinking. We know that the surface is gaining huge amounts of ice But what about the glaciers? In 2010 they got hysterical about an … Continue reading

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1957 : Record Breaking Hurricane Audrey

In June of 1957, Louisiana was hit by a major hurricane which killed more than 500 people. It was the only major hurricane to ever hit the US before July.

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