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The Australian Temperature Record Looks Very Problematic

My previous analysis of Australia was incorrect. I wasn’t properly differentiating between stations with only precipitation data, and those with temperature data. That caused me to include stations with no temperature data in 1895. The¬†graph below shows the average station … Continue reading

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Going Down Under [IGNORE THIS]

[UPDATE : This post is incorrect. I incorrectly included stations which had precipitation data back to 1895, but not necessarily temperature data. Ignore everything below, while I do further analysis] There are 202 GHCN stations in Australia which were active … Continue reading

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McKibben Is No Longer Making Any Attempt To Hide His Communism

Global warming has nothing to do with climate. They used to be green on the outside, and red on the inside. Now they are red all the way through. McKibben thinks China is a wonderful place

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