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The Power Of Sudden Downdrafts

A friend of mine survived over 100 bombing missions in Vietnam. He was nearly killed in 1986 flying a Cessna over the mountains near Black Canyon City, Az. His plane got caught in a blue sky downdraft, and he hit the … Continue reading

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The Power Of Convective Storms

In June 1981 I was working as a wilderness ranger in the Sandia Mountains just outside Albuquerque. Two hang glider pilots were preparing to take off – as a thunderstorm built up. We warned them not to go, but they … Continue reading

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Convective Storms Cool The Planet

Heat in the lower troposphere causes evaporation from vegetation and bodies of water, producing cooling. Then the humid air rises and condenses in the upper troposphere, which generates heat that radiates out into space. Cold precipitation then falls downwards, dragging cold air down … Continue reading

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Global Temperatures Continue Their 18 Year Decline

NOAA is desperately trying to make 2014 the hottest year ever, but more accurate satellite data shows that it isn’t going to come close, and continues an 18 year cooling trend. ftp://ftp.ssmi.com/msu/….. anomalies_land_and_ocean_v03_3.txt

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Northern Hemisphere Winter Snow Cover In A Hockey Stick

The amount of winter (Dec-Feb) snow cover in the Northern Hemisphere has increased dramatically since 1990 to record levels. This is because Arctic air is pushing further south in the winter. Rutgers University Climate Lab :: Global Snow Lab Crack government … Continue reading

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Growth In Five Year Old Sea Ice Since 2011

The amount of five year old sea ice in the Arctic has increased dramatically over the past three years. Note that the last date is estimated, assuming that all four year old ice on September 1 becomes five year old … Continue reading

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Illinois Children Just Won’t Know What 100 Degree Weather Is

Illinois had no 100 degree temperature readings this year, though they used to be quite common when CO2 was below 350 PPM.

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Old, Thick Arctic Sea Ice Up 123% From 2011

The amount of four and five year old sea ice in the Arctic has increased by 123% since the same week in 2011. Experts say there is no sign of recovery, because their funding depends on people thinking there is something … Continue reading

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