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The Global Warming Scam Was Explained Almost 20 Years Ago

Bookmark this classic 1995 article in the Canberra Times. This guy had the entire scam nailed from day one. To conclude that CO2 emissions are a threat to the environment would be doubtful and premature. Only a closer examination of the … Continue reading

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Overheated Air To Make It Very Cold

By: Seth Borenstein The Associated Press, Published on Tue Sep 02 2014 WASHINGTON—As the world gets warmer, parts of North America, Europe and Asia could see more frequent and stronger visits of cold air, a new study says. Researchers say … Continue reading

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Latest BS From The Team

Long-lost satellite data reveal new insights to climate change Once stashed in warehouses in Maryland and North Carolina, images and video captured from orbit by some of NASA’s first environmental satellites in the mid-1960s are now yielding a trove of … Continue reading

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UHI Contamination?

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On The Air


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Hot Times In Bathurst During The 19th Century

The Bathurst, NSW gaol kept temperature records from 1858 to 1983. Temperatures declined steadily during that period, as did the frequency of 100 degree days – which used to be quite common.

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No Change In Arctic Ice Extent For Ten Days – Just Below The 2006 Minimum

 COI | Centre for Ocean and Ice | Danmarks Meteorologiske Institut

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More From Australia’s Hellishly Hot Past

January of 1896 was the hottest month in Australia’s history, with many consecutive days over 120 degrees at Gundabooka – near Bourke.  Mark Twain joked that it was very close to hell.   TimesMachine: August 18, 1896 – NYTimes.com Summer temperatures in … Continue reading

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Anything For You, Zeke

Zeke insists that temperature anomalies will produce different patterns for the US than absolute temperatures. So I tried it out. The anomaly graph is almost identical. This is calculated by averaging the daily anomalies of the min/max thermometer readings from each station … Continue reading

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Australia Afternoons Used To Be Much Hotter

Days in Australia over 100 degrees used to be much more common. Australia’s hottest year was 1878.

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