Putting EPA Toxicity In Perspective

The EPA says that CO2 is toxic.

The rise in CO2 of 1:10,000 since the year 1900 is equivalent to packing an extra eleven people into Michigan Stadium. I added those extra eleven people in green below.

ScreenHunter_3132 Sep. 28 04.20

By contrast, human lungs generate 400 parts per 10,000 CO2, or an extra 4,400 people in the stadium. I added them in green below.

ScreenHunter_3131 Sep. 28 04.19

One could easily come to the conclusion that the EPA has no idea what they are talking about.

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28 Responses to Putting EPA Toxicity In Perspective

  1. Joe P. says:

    I guess EPA could classify humans as a pollutant emitting CO2 inasmuch as coal power plant or field of ruminious sheep emitting CO2, then regulate humans breathing by a breathing carbon tax.
    The odd thing is that more CO2 is more green, more plant life or biomass, less CO2 on opposite end, say 150 ppm would kill most plant life and be less green and kill all mammals and humans also as result on other end. EPA is toxic, my regulated wood stove reducing fossil fuel use may be illegal soon, or buy a $4,000 one to replace, too much CO2 – the greenhouse gas since it makes the planet greener.

    • daveandrews723 says:

      As for wood burning to heat homes, I remember going to Telluride, Co. on a ski trip back in the 80’s. Wood burning stoves, which were pervasive there, made it very hard for me to breath wellm especially at night. The town is in a canyon at, I think, about 8 thousand feet or so. At night the acrid smell of the wood stoves was very noticeable. Maybe people get used to it, but I’m sure it, combined with the altitude, caused shortness of breath in me. I realize it is not the CO2 that is the problem, but the carbon in the smoke.

      • Billy Liar says:

        How fortunate electricity was invented to rid us of candles and oil lamps!

      • there is no substitute for victory says:

        Telluride, and Mountain Village, Colorado are two separate locations. Telluride is located @ 8,750 feet above sea level and Mountain Village @ 9,500 feet. At these altitudes a prudent pilot will be on Oxygen. Remember that there are old pilots and there are bold pilots but that there are no old and bold pilots. The highest sky lift by the way is @ over 12,000 feet.

        Couple a couple of hot buttered rums with a session in the hot tub after skiing on your first week there and you’re darn lucky that you were still breathing after coming off the mountain. Carbon, soot, wood smoke, or CO2 notwithstanding.

        • there is no substitute for victory says:

          Yes, that is why all the whaling ships in Herman Melville’s day burned coal in order to “refine” the lamp oil that they recovered from the leviathans that they slew.

          Not until John D. Rockefeller popularized, standardized, and by the way dropped the price of kerosene to a pittance through mass production did the Earth’s great whales gain any breathing room.

          I can only hope that when the so called Greens stop petroleum, coal, and Nuclear energy production that environmentalist like Green Peace’s Paul Watson will suddenly find themselves in grave danger of meeting Moby Dick’s fate.

  2. Humans generate about 1 gigaton of CO2 every year by breathing.

    I figured it out. If you burn 2000 calories a day and carbohydrate has 4 calories per gram that’s 182 kilograms per year. This generates roughly 125 kilograms of CO2 per person which is 1/8 metric ton, times 8 billion.

    • Edmonton Al says:

      Good one.

    • geran says:

      Maybe those folks that believe CO2 is destroying the planet will want to stop breathing immediately.

      That way, the planet will be saved!

    • cdquarles says:

      It’s a bit more complicated than that. Human 2000 Kcal heat of metabolism is generated from 4 Kcal/g carbohydrates, 4 Kcal/g protein and 9 Kcal/g fat (mostly triglycerides). The resultant products are exhaled as 4% carbon dioxide and 10% water plus what goes out as urine and feces. Still, you’re within an order of magnitude of the direct output of humans. Now add to that all of the vertebrates, invertebrates, fungi, bacteria, *and* plants. Plants are net fixers only when photosynthesis takes place and the plant can build tissue. At all other times plants produce carbon dioxide.

      • The resultant products are not exhaled as 4% CO2 and 10% water, those numbers tell us nothing about the calculation at hand. Most of the water vapor in your breath came from water you drank anyway, and the 4% figure you give in meaningless. The resultant products of respiration of carbs/protein/fats are a roughly equal number of water and CO2 molecules, and since each CO2 molecule weighs more than twice as much as a water molecule, the metabolic product of the combustion of food is around 70% CO2 and 30% water. 70% of 182 kg is 125 kg. The rest is water vapor. Nitrogenous compounds and sulfur and phosphorus and other trace compounds are negligible. Also, none of the metabolic products of the oxidation of carbohydrate go out in the urine or feces. Feces is composed of what was NOT absorbed, mainly fiber, and feces is also 40% bacteria by weight, mostly E. coli. Has nothing to do with it. Urine is composed of water you drank and toxins removed by the kidneys, mostly the nitrogenous compounds mentioned above. It doesn’t contain CO2 and H2O from respiration, which are almost entirely removed via the lungs. My simple calculation is within an order of magnitude of the truth? How arrogant.

    • there is no substitute for victory says:

      Every human averages exhaling 1,022 pounds of CO2 per year over and above the CO2 that we inhale. That equals 7,154,000,000,000 pounds of CO2 or 3,577,000,000 short tons. When the CO2 that is vented from “other” orifices is added in the total rises to 3,720,080,00 short tons.

  3. au1corsair says:

    The conclusion that humans are toxic waste has been around since at least Old Testament days. This “remove humans now” mantra has a long sordid history.

  4. Pathway says:

    EPA would come to the conclusion that those 4,400 people are destroying the planet and must be killed.

  5. John B., M.D. says:

    Partial pressure of exhaled CO2 is 40 mmHg.

  6. ACR says:

    The good news is that with Michigan’s on-field performance this year, squeezing in an extra 4,400 fans is a piece of cake.

  7. David A says:

    I found the 11 green, and two red. What were they, methane?

  8. Baa Humbug says:

    Ummm! So who are the two people in red in the first pic?

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