Illinois Children Just Won’t Know What 100 Degree Weather Is

Illinois had no 100 degree temperature readings this year, though they used to be quite common when CO2 was below 350 PPM.

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8 Responses to Illinois Children Just Won’t Know What 100 Degree Weather Is

  1. omanuel says:

    Thanks, Steven, for your efforts to keep the public in contact with reality as fast as USA/USSR government propaganda separates them from reality.

    These events on 12 Dec 1922 and late August 1945 transformed the former US government into a duplicate of the old USSR government:

  2. Andy DC says:

    That chart is extremely convincing. No guarantee at all that even if we outlaw the automobile, go back to the cave and exterminate 99% of humanity that the climate will get any cooler. As if a cold climate is somehow desirable, with glaciers down to Chicago as they were 15,000 years ago.

  3. Curt says:

    But you forgot to take UHI into account~ Oh wait…

  4. Shazaam says:

    Don’t panic, it’ll be back to normal after they “adjust” the raw temperature data to match the “adjusted” color scale.

    The colors were adjusted 8 degrees down to make the 80s look like really hot weather.

    So, they’ll adjust the raw data 8 degrees up and “hey presto” you’ll have 100 degree days again.

    That was easy….. I never realized what an easy job climatologists have. The only struggle is fudging the data in a timely fashion…. You have to make the adjustments just long enough after the events so people don’t quite remember what that day felt like.

    Maybe I can get a grant to study that……

  5. PeteLJ says:

    I remember the summer of 1979 at SIU-Carbondale when there was a span of like 3 days where even the night temps were blistering hot within a week with high temps were above 100F. That was the thinnest I have been in my adult life and skinny dipping in Little Grassy Lake was a common affair (after the bars closed at 2 am). Oh the days!

  6. jerry says:

    this was one of the coolest years I can remember, 10 days over 90 and 3 of those happened in the last 2 weeks, the most snow we have ever had last winter, but the warmunists keep telling me how hot it is. and more rain than I’ve ever seen

    • rah says:

      Here in central Indiana also unusually cool and wet. Grass is still growing like it’s spring time. Except for the middle two weeks of August it was not like summer at all. About the same as 1992.

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