My Arctic Ice Forecast

I forecast that a week from now there will be great wailing and gnashing of teeth in the Arctic alarmist community.

ScreenHunter_135 Jul. 22 21.22

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10 Responses to My Arctic Ice Forecast

  1. @njsnowfan says:

    S hem Ice, Just close to all time record highs.
    Melting away from the AGW crowd..

  2. Chewer says:

    They could become suicidal if their Gods can’t come up with a new line of bullshit to soothe their psychotic condition -:)

  3. daz says:

    The cyclone that is about to form in the Arctic will cause huge melt. Not good.

    • Jorge says:

      Got to love the alarmists cheering on a cyclone. Not to confident in the science, huh?

    • Josh says:

      don’t tell me you got that from Neven’s enviro-whacko blog. A relatively weak low pressure system is exactly what you want for ice retention, especially after the past week or so of compaction we’ve just seen. Area and 30% concentration are way up over 2012 despite lower extent, which tells me that the pack is significantly stronger and will hold up nicely. The situation in the Beaufort and Canadian archipelago is incomparably better to last year, and the storm may even bring fresh snow cover to the northern islands, improving albedo.

  4. Sam Glasser says:

    Daz says: “Not good”. But I say it will again demonstrate that temperature is not the only cause of changing ice area – as was likely the case in early August of 2012.

  5. danpride says:

    Gee,… I haven’t heard “No such thing as Global Warming” in a while…
    They used to shout that one with Glee as well.
    I just hope the deniers live long enough to see the starvation of their children which is now on its way,… they deserve that at least.
    “Not nice to mess with Mother Nature”

    • Always fun when someone from the 13th century shows up.

    • Chewer says:

      We have the capability to feed double the world’s current population and irrigate enough land to support 16 billion right now, so where do you get your catastrophic news from?
      I assume you thrive on the terrible earth-shaking information, especially when it affects people you don’t like…

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