Understanding Due Process

The police said it was self defense, but the angry mob (led by Obama)  wanted a murder trial and a civil rights investigation.

They got both, and both came to the same conclusion as the police.

Now that the trial is over, the angry mob wants a murder trial and a civil rights investigation. Some creepy ass cracka has to pay for Trayvon Martin’s atrocious upbringing.

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  1. Richard T. Fowler says:

    Steven, I think that most people in the present angry mob are ignorant of the evidence which is most exculpatory for Zimmerman, or if they have become aware of some of it they have rationalized it to avoid admitting to themselves that they jumped to a conclusion when they heard Zimmerman’s voice seeming to say (I’m paraphrasing): “There is a suspicious man in my community …. He looks Black.”

    I think that this altered sound bite is the main factor in giving this mob such a lasting anger. The ability to rationalize so that they still believe the implication that is made by the doctored bite, even after knowing how it was doctored, is in my opinion the result of subliminal programming, a type of post-hypnotic suggestion. I think that that’s the only thing strong enough to produce such a huge disconnect between people’s behavior and the facts that are known to them.


    • Richard T. Fowler says:

      By the way, if I’m not mistaken, your blog has recently surpassed Judith Curry’s in the number of subscribers. Not sure if this is the first time that’s happened, but I think it is. Congratulations! RTF

    • “ignorant of the evidence which is most exculpatory for Zimmerman…”

      This is true even of Bill O’Reilly, who said on air last night (repeatedly) that Zimmerman “initiated the fracas” with Martin, and that anyone would have to be insane to think otherwise. I e-mailed him, telling him the evidence was against him, and giving him that evidence; but I doubt he will air my harsh opinion of his aired opinion, which gives ammunition to those who want to persecute Zimmerman and is utterly foolish.

  2. daveburton says:

    You’re right, RTF. I think NBC should be liable for civil damages, for at least part of the Zimmerman family’s expenses in hiding from the angry mob, and for at least part of the damages resulting from whatever civil unrest can be traced to people who believed NBC’s lies.

    Supposedly NBC fired the one and only person who was responsible for that dishonest edit, but they never revealed his or her identity. I would bet dollars to doughnuts that the culprit is already back at work in the broadcast industry, in a position similar, if not identical, to his old one, with no damage to his career. In fact, I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if he’s back working at NBC.

    Here’s the transcript of Zimmerman’s call to the police:

    I don’t believe any reasonable person could read the transcript, listen to the recording, view the photos of Zimmerman’s injuries, and still think he was guilty.

  3. According to the Martins family attorney, they don’t think that it was the correct “social” verdict. God help us if social verdicts become the rule of law. We escaped Britain to avoid those.

    • That’s rather like activist Muslims (jihadists in their way) agitating for Sharia law, in a country that already has better laws. Trayvon’s mother also swore, under oath in court, it was her son yelling for help in the background of that third-party 911 call, against all the evidence (Zimmerman on the bottom, his injuries, and eyewitness testimony). I would like to know if there is a strong Muslim connection to the Martin family, because the mother and father were uncharacteristically calm and unemotional in interviews, for parents who believed their “child” had been brutally murdered–much like Muslims who have been taught to lie smoothly and with an innocent look on their face–even while making entirely unsupported statements about the guilt and evil intent of Zimmerman. I have come to mistrust anyone who essentially makes outrageous demands upon common sense and the common good, with smooth but empty arguments and an angelic, innocent look on their face. I consider their innocent demeanor a lie, when it clashes blatantly with the truth as I know it. And I have long noted the brainwashing effect Muslim ideas (basically, of revenge as religiously sanctioned–“an eye for an eye”) have had on too many American blacks, nurturing their own racism, over the last 50 years, starting with Cassius Clay/Muhammad Ali.

  4. Chewer says:

    This whole affair never blew up to the crisis that Valerie and Eric predicted, so apparently there’s some more work to do:)
    Give them time, I’m sure they can reach their chaotic goal…

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