You Are More Than Twice As Likely To Be Killed By A Fist As By A Rifle

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FBI — Expanded Homicide Data Table 11

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15 Responses to You Are More Than Twice As Likely To Be Killed By A Fist As By A Rifle

  1. terrence says:


  2. phodges says:

    Hell I just discovered a single class of drug…NSAID… kills 16,500 people a year.

    “The widespread use of NSAIDs has meant that the adverse effects of these drugs have become increasingly prevalent. The two main adverse drug reactions (ADRs) associated with NSAIDs relate to the gastrointestinal (GI) and renal effects of NSAIDs.

    These effects are dose-dependent, and in many cases severe enough to pose the risk of ulcer perforation, upper gastrointestinal bleeding, and death, limiting the use of NSAID therapy. An estimated 10-20% of NSAID patients experience dyspepsia, and NSAID-associated upper gastrointestinal adverse events are estimated to result in 103,000 hospitalizations and 16,500 deaths per year in the United States, and represent 43% of drug-related emergency visits. Many of these events are avoidable; a review of physician visits and prescriptions estimated that unnecessary prescriptions for NSAIDs were written in 42% of visits.[5]”

  3. That’s not even remotely surprising. Most people die from head injuries when they fall over or get knocked to the ground. In the movies the hero gets knocked unconscious a few times and makes a miraculous recovery, especially James Bond. In reality you would be in hospital for an extended visit and would probably have to undertake remedial therapy. If you were very lucky you would have no permanent brain injuries. Unfortunately young men who watch lots of action movies get drunk and then violent. They don’t realise how easy it is to actually kill someone.

  4. gator69 says:

    Five times more likely to be killed by a knife.

  5. Gamecock says:

    Mr. Goddard, FBI numbers are out of phase with CDC numbers.

    CDC says 11,101 homicides by firearm discharge.

  6. gator69 says:

    “Murder and nonnegligent manslaughter”… race x = 4000… race y = 4149”

    This is the cultural problem we are not allowed to discuss, the same culture that is rotting our cities, and ruining families. It starts at home, with the family. That is the answer. Why can’t we talk about it?

  7. ralphcramdo says:

    Obama wants expanded background checks?

    Nationwide background checks were created under the Brady Act in the early 1990’s, which later included the implementation of the National Instant Background Check System (NICS).

    The law requires licensed gun dealers to check with law enforcement before making a sale, which in this state is the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. The goal is to prevent felons — and people who don’t qualify — from getting their hands on a gun and it’s a federal crime if they even try.

    But how often is the law enforced?

    “Virtually no one is arrested and convicted of attempts to illegally buy a gun in a gun store,” stated Gary Kleck, a professor of criminology at Florida State who’s done extensive research on gun control laws.

    FOX 13 took a look at the numbers across the nation and in the Tampa Bay Area. The most recent figures from the Department of Justice show there were more than 76,142 denials in 2010.

    But just 62 cases were referred for prosecution and only 13 resulted in a guilty verdict or plea.

  8. leftinbrooklyn says:

    But they can’t go all control-freak on fists. At least until they tax our body parts, i guess.

  9. The major error in those statistics is that they left out “by gang violence”.

  10. Andy says:

    Unless other types of guns not stated is mainly rifles of course.

    Nice cherry picking again 🙂

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