Greens Teaming Up With Like Minded Individuals

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Mongolian neo-Nazis rebrand themselves as environmentalists | World news |

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14 Responses to Greens Teaming Up With Like Minded Individuals

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  2. Sundance says:

    It’s been a good run for Obama the last two weeks. He has gotten Nazis and the Flat Earth Society to join his green team and he’s winning hearts and minds in Africa too. 😉

  3. gator69 says:

    Green Mongolian Neo-Nazis?

    Are they anything like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?

  4. Marian says:

    The ultimate goal of Green Nazis is to reduce the human population. Down to a minimal number as the final save Gaia. Pretty much the same as UN Marxist/Communist Agenda 21 policy.

  5. R. de Haan says:

    Agenda 21… That;s exactly why Obama supports the Muslim Brotherhood. Fortunately the Egyptian people know who is responsible for the power grab of the beards:

  6. higley7 says:

    Nazis were extreme environmentalists and believed in deep ecology. Few people understand that they saw themselves as being form the earth and their goal was to enslave the rest of the world so that they could retire to their natural country estates and and be one with nature.

  7. higley7 says:

    The manmade global warming scam is also an Agenda 21 tool aimed at keeping the world focused on worrying about warming while they use it as an excuse to take over the energy supply and lower the standard of living of the developed countries. BUT, more insidious is the idea that we should want cooling, such that when we do cool to the next glaciation cycle for 85,000 years, we will not be ready and billions of people will die, which is exactly what the UN wants. We should be developing thorium reactor technology to provide the cheap safe energy we are going to need in abundance when we slide into the cold phase of our planet.

  8. Lou says:

    Try telling to Demoncraps that they are basically Nazi Party and watch their heads explode. It’s fun… Muslim brotherhood is supposedly based on Nazi Party ideology.

  9. Streetcred says:

    That’s a Mercedes in the background ?

  10. Douglas Hoyt says:

    Years ago on one of the leftist blogs, a person entered a conversation mostly about AGW. All the leftists really liked his comments and said so. Then he revealed all his comments were just sentences taken from Hitler’s Mein Kampf. Even that was not sufficient for any of them to change their minds or do a little introspection.

  11. Mike says:

    A new rapid climate response team.

  12. Mike says:

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    Don’ think for one second that these guys came up with this idea on their own… while they are 50 years late to the party, I have no doubt if they just “tone it down a bit” the Global Greens will welcome them with open arms. And in the end, isn’t protecting the Earth really Controlling the Earth?

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