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Check out this one.

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June 26, 2013 at 11:02 pm

Earth to Reggie. The entire Northwest Passage was below normal temperatures today.

ScreenHunter_351 Jun. 26 17.02

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And this was right after he told us that the global warming canoe team was going to cheat, melting the ice by burning fossil fuels.

ScreenHunter_352 Jun. 26 17.04

June 26, 2013 at 10:55 pm

You really can’t make this stuff up. Anyway, thanks Reggie for letting us know how they are going to cheat.

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  1. terrence says:

    I will copy and paste this from the other post.

    What aircraft do you “think” it is Reggie-Pooh? Or, do you think they will drive, walk or run to the starting point of their silly, uninformed farce?

    Did you notice that Tuk does NOT mention this farcical “voyage” on its web site? Do you know anything about Tuk, Reggie-Pooh?,

    You really should at least TRY to take your head out of your rectum. Your fecal matter really is not very interesting, and it is really uninformed and STUPID.

    • There is no aircraft!

      They are driving from Vancouver to their starting point Inuvik NWT.

      Tuktoyaktuk, NWT is downstream and is not the staring point.

      • terrence says:

        Did you BOTHER to check their web-site Reggie-Pooh? You clearly DID NOT; but, if you did, you did NOT bother to read it.

        Here is a quote from it: “We both start at the same spot in Tuktoyaktuk, but the Arctic Row expedition heads west while our expedition, The Last First, heads east. The Arctic Row team is attempting to row unsupported, non-stop to Russia from Tuk; we’re attempting to row east across the Northwest Passage over the historic route that Roald Amundsen traversed successfully for the first time between 1903 and 1906.”

        Driving from Vancouver to Tuk, may well be their easy out. it is a really long drive – most of it is on gravel roads – which often get washed away, and may not get repaired for several weeks. The drive could easily take three of four weeks – if the weather is good all the way. But, if it rains much, as it often does in the summer, LOTS of roads may be washed away. The only thing that is sure to make in the Northwest Territories and Yukon and may well be ATVs.

        • Another zombie from Steve’s pseudo science circle jerk strikes out

          What a maroon, what an ignoranimus

          Terrences quote is not from the right group, the one he posted is from a row from Tuk to Russia and occurred a year ago.

        • terrence says:

          Yet ANOTHER example of how BRAIN-DEAD STUPID Reggie- Pooh is.

          Reggie-Pooh is having a solo circle jerk about all this; i.e. he is masturbating every time he dumps his crap here,


          We will start on July 1, 2013, Canada Day. The hope is that we complete the row in about 75 days but we’re grasping at straws when talking time on an expedition like this.

        • Terrence, you are quoting Arctic Row, that was last year, pay attention.
          Here is a link to the correct site. Check out the route, it starts in Inuvik NWT, just like I said.
          You may also notice that they are indeed driving to the NWT.
          You mocked me for not reading their website and now it’s obvious you were the one who didn’t read their webpage

        • gator69 says:

          Thanks for the link.

          “Pulling together against climate change”
          -King Canute Jr

      • terrence says:

        You OBVIOUSLY DID NOT read the web site I quoted, Reggie-Pooh. PLEASE TRY TO TAKE YOUR HEAD OUT OF YOUR RECTUM.

    • I’m guessing you are about 16 years old

  2. Earth to Steve
    I was talking about the temperature forecast next week and included a link.

    I guess what happened today with your getting pwned on the TOO thread has made you a wee bit irritable.

    • Is their blowtorch going to melt the two metre thick ice at the eastern end of the Beaufort Sea, or are they following an icebreaker? Please reveal more details of this scam.

    • terrence says:

      Reggie-Pooh – YOU only ‘THINK” you “pwned” Steven, because you have your head up your RECTUM! Earth to Reggie-Pooh – PLEASE take your head out of your rectum – how do you stand the stench???

  3. I picked up the expression “blowtorch” at Neven’s Sea Ice blog and it went over your head. It was a metaphor was was not to be taken literally If you want to learn about sea Ice, a real science blog like Neven’s is a great place to start.

    Any comment on the record warm temp at Barrow AK today?

  4. Andy DC says:

    Antarctica is having a heatwave. A tropical heatwave! Why don’t they try to go to the South Pole instead? They would have a better chance.

  5. Poor gator has a bad case of butt-hurt. Did I hurt poor gators feelings for calling the little guy out for posting a stupid link?

    • gator69 says:

      Anal fixations? That would explain your man crush! 😆

      • terrence says:

        Reggie-Pooh does have an EXTREME anal fixation, gator69. He also masturbates whenever he dumps his crap here. He does all this in his mommies basement, on her computer and internet connection. Of course, he is smoking some “stuff” all the while – this shows in how silly all his carp is – he is too stoned to make sense.

  6. michael says:

    The sheer brilliance of the scientific acumen in this thread is staggering. Thanks, guys, for confirming accumulating evidence.

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