NASA Shock News : Global Warming To Cause A New Ice Age

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A Chilling Possibility – NASA Science

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12 Responses to NASA Shock News : Global Warming To Cause A New Ice Age

  1. daveburton says:

    They just can’t seem to bring themselves to use the words “negative feedback.”

  2. tckev says:

    The big chill is caused by excessive heat?
    Their illogical reasoning is stunning.

  3. It’s like Obama offhandedly mentioning “acts of terror” right after the Benghazi attacks, then spending weeks lying to Americans that it was a mean old anti-Mohammed video. Liars in power try to cover all the bases, however ridiculous it is to those of us not suborned to their illogic.

  4. John B., M.D. says:

    It’s the ole shut down the thermohaline circulation theory.

  5. Ben says:

    A chilling possibility of a possible chill – NOTSO science

  6. says:

    its very posable infact its alreadyv happaning there are already reports that the north alatic curint has slowed and is about to stall with the about of fresh water entering the salt water dut to melting poler ice caps , its the same sanario as in the movie the day after tomorrow and will have simaler efaces probly worse its not a mater of if now its when some of the top geoligis say it will hapoen with in the nex 5 to 10 years at the rate thing are going so buy some winter gear becuse
    if the curents stall its game over exspected loses are 3 eds of humen pop new york will be whiped of them make look ate are wether its changeing becomeing more exstreame but this is not humens falt this would happen any way in a natral thing the earth gose trow to repaer its self
    and un like what was pervisly thout we or at same co2 levels that were at the start of the last ice age this means that the earth will go into uice age mod to lock it up so life can cutinue to prosper
    it ciacle is to protect life not to destroy it becuse if co2 levels contue to rise like thay are in 50 to 100 year earth will not suporrt life as we know it so think of the upcome iceage as a good thing even if u dsont servive it

  7. Darlene says:

    Why are people so afraid of believing what may initially sound unbelievable? At one time in history, the idea that the world was “round” was laughed at. So was the idea that a man could walk on the moon. Open your minds people. Human beings are destroying the environment – that HAS been established. Mother Nature works in wondrous ways….

  8. Faith says:

    Jesus is coming how bout that for science, no really though 9 to 18 degrees F is not an ice age, get real! Growing up in iowa it hits that every year and has been even colder than that. When you say ice age to people they don’t want to hear 9-18 degrees F. They want to know if they will become a huge ice sickle and die or not. THAT MY FRIEND IS AN ICE AGE!

  9. maryjane says:

    In Iowa this is normal for you, but for places where this is abnormal is where it will effect and strike hard. People, plants and animals will have to adapt in a record-breaking time to survive in conditions unthinkable to them. Now what if Iowa all the sudden didn’t have winter any more and it was only summer…. we need to retrain our thinking for the unthinkable. All the global warming has changed weather patterns and already we are seeing record-breaking highs and lows all across the map! I look forward to mother nature taking back what’s hers and the potential for another go at it because we did NOT get it right this time. So many people think they know what global warming is and what that will bring, but we really have no idea what this change will bring its unpredictable and that’s what’s scary. The unthinkable will occur, has, and will continue. I live in California and we hare having the worst drought EVER recorded! And it’s dry cold which is even more bitter. I think it’s fascinating to hear what people think is going or not going to happen, I mean it’s really a social experiment in my eyes. You can either accept that things are changing and gear up for the potential of basically anything (and I mean what else do you have to do really face book) I mean we are board as a society, really bored! Or you can choose not to believe and live in the pure bliss of ignorance. Either way, can we really do anything about it? I have chosen not to lie about anything to my kids, and hope that my knowing it’s for the best for all life, no matter what happens. No matter what happens it’s been a really amazing phenomena even if it was only a second in time. I hope that the adaptations that have to occur over the next millions of years (weather for global warming or whatever, population growth, one world order, etc etc…) I hope that it’s for the better, I hope that what ever survives, is a harmonious survival in the ‘end’.

  10. steph says:

    I find it very funny how people who aren’t scientists (and probably didn’t do well in science at all from the looks of their responses) feel that they can with some sort of knowledge they think they possess make dumb statements trying to discredit the explanation above. I’ll put it in layman’s terms. There is a current(North Atlantic Drift, google it) that circulates hot water to key places. Like putting ice in a glass of water, when the glaciers start to thaw and break apart they are cooling the water in the same way. The excess of cold water is slowing heat currents down, making them hard to distribute the heat they way they need to. The more ice the colder the ocean, the colder the ocean(in parts where it shouldn’t be so cold) the slower the heat current until eventually it stops. Then….Ice age. I don’t know how that doesn’t make sense honestly. I’m not a scientist in fact I didn’t even go to college but I did pay attn to the BASICS is high school.

  11. The Ugly Narwall says:

    Yeah listen to steph……

  12. The process described is quite simple and it has happened once before, about 10,900 BC. That was the beginning of the Big Freeze known as the Younger Dryas (YD).

    After thousands of years of natural global warming, the north American ice sheet dumped several cubic miles of cold, fresh water into the Atlantic. This shut off the thermohaline cycle of the Atlantic Ocean and plunged the world into the YD mini-ice age. The transition from nicely warming climate to Ice Age glacial conditions took only about 50 years. Thirteen hundred years later, the climate did an equally abrupt reversal back to warming. That was about 9620 BC.

    If it weren’t for this danger, Global Warming would be a good thing. Think about this for a moment. What creates more evaporation —
    1) Cold oceans, or
    2) Warm oceans?

    Naturally, warm oceans have more energy to generate more water vapor. This leads to more rain. In fact, during the far warmer Holocene Optimum (~6,000 BC), rain was so abundant that the Sahara was green. Today’s wimpy Lake Chad was, at that time, a robust inland sea.

    And CO2 is not the enemy. CO2 is not a pollutant, but a vital gas of life. Modern increases have led to a greening of the Earth.

    Big question: What ended the YD so abruptly? You might note that Plato’s legendary lost island empire, Atlantis supposedly disappeared 9600 BC. Could the tectonic collapse of Atlantis (if it existed) have stirred up the ocean enough to restore the thermohaline cycle? Perhaps we could learn something from history (or myth). Perhaps we could have beneficial global warming and keep it by stirring the Atlantic. How? Perhaps you can come up with some ideas.

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