Celebrating 44 Years Of Commercial Shipping Through The Northwest Passage

The Pittsburgh Press – Sep 15, 1969 

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The Pittsburgh Press – Google News Archive Search

Today looks like a good day for a tanker crossing.

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5 Responses to Celebrating 44 Years Of Commercial Shipping Through The Northwest Passage

  1. mikael says:

    hehe, i live in and have family on the 70 parralell (far above the artic cirlce). and I can ashure you, our winter is Back.
    And the drivel about this passages are just that, drivel.
    Its not comercially viable and at the present moment, there is virually No traffic, in the Easten route, along the Nother coust of Siberia to Kamthjatka.
    Our land is the last bunker ability for lang hauls, beside the Kola penninsual before enterin the Siberian passage, so any traffic expancion, would have been greated and hailed in the news, but there is non, only articles about some traffic and talk, but no subatanse and truth.
    Its sinply not happening.

    and this:



  2. Dale Hartz says:

    The Russians crossed the Northern Route in 1935. Very well esplained in Wikipedia at:

  3. nigelf says:

    It’s telling that those sane men running companies like Humble and The Pittsburgh Press looked upon the voyage as a great promising thing. Now the media portrays it as a disaster that it’s even possible and a travesty that some company might make a profit doing so.

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