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Snow Is A Thing Of The Past

This was caused by a missing chunk of ice in Hudson Bay. It had nothing to do with low solar activity. http://www.guardian.co.uk/

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Why The Eastern Arctic Is A Don’t Care

The reason why NSIDC showed “record low” extent in July was due mainly to low extent in the eastern Arctic, near Siberia. This area is pretty much of a don’t care, because there was no MYI there in the spring. … Continue reading

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Kind Of Like Chelsea

They keep buying new players, but can’t score. http://www.weatherstreet.com/hurricane/2011/Hurricane-Atlantic-2011.htm

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Al Gore Was Right!

No wonder global warming has Al Gore so hot under the collar. His impassioned speech against climate change deniers induced a frenzy of conservative chest-pounding last week wherein Fox News and the usual suspects swore his scatological sermon must be … Continue reading

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Why 2011 Is Not Likely To Be Close to 2007

If the ice edge doesn’t change in the next six days, this is how the comparison vs. 2007 will look. Green is ice present in 2011 which was not present in 2007. Red is the opposite. It would require a … Continue reading

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Record Minimum – Right On Track


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Another Left Wing Lie Bites The Dust


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Much Ado About Nothing

The Arctic Basin is nearly full of ice and the melt season is just about done. Does this look like an ice-free Arctic? http://www.arctic.io/observations/8/2011-08-14/5-N82.848948-E143.02348

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Father Of Global Warming Believed That Doubling CO2 Was A Good Thing


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Father Of Global Warming Believed That Life Was Transported By Light Rays


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