Hudson Bay Sea Ice Third Highest On Record

Hudson Bay sea ice cover is the highest since 1992, and is the third highest on record.

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Meanwhile, climate criminals are saying the exact opposite.

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Polar bear numbers in Hudson Bay of Canada on verge of collapse | Environment | The Guardian

This is not a scientific debate. We are fighting against hard core criminals who will say anything to seize centralized control of the energy supply.

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8 Responses to Hudson Bay Sea Ice Third Highest On Record

  1. Ben says:

    A more recent study about “walking hibernation”.

    They need to add more carbs and sugary drinks to their diet. Stop with that Atkins Diet.

  2. Latitude says:

    Dr. Susan Crockford…..

    Polar bear habitat update: Eastern Canada well above normal, lots of sea ice worldwide
    Posted on July 23, 2015 |

    Sea ice in at least three Eastern Canadian polar bear subpopulations is well above normal for this time of year, which means many bears are likely not ashore yet. The same is true in the Beaufort and Barents Seas – ice is melting but there is still a fair amount of sea ice close to popular shores.

    Southern Hudson Bay, Foxe Basin, and Davis Strait, all have above average sea ice coverage, according to the Canadian Ice Service

    • rah says:

      Though I Love the fact she is fighting for reason and truth. It just seems the warmist crowd is basing all of their claims on future catastrophes. I hope that Dr. Crockford is keeping book on all of the claims of future catastrophe for polar bears and at some point is goes into the Steven Goddard mode and vigorously rubs the warmists noses in the pure bear crap they have been pumping out over the last 10 years or so.

  3. emsnews says:

    The way winters are going in the NE and Eastern Canada, we will all be polar bear food.

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