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Northeast US Having Their Third Coldest Year On Record

The northeast US is having their third coldest year on record, and coldest since 1917. This region includes climate dimwits Sheldon Whitehouse and Barack Obama – who believe they are overheating. YearTDeptNRCC.png (688×531)

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The Years Of Living Stupidly – As A Clueless Academic

Katherine Hayhoe has been pimping the global warming driven drought idea endlessly to anyone stupid enough to listen to her. Anyone who actually knows anything about Texas climate knows that it is driven by ENSO, and that Texas gets dry … Continue reading

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As CO2 Increases, Atmospheric Temperatures Aren’t

Atmospheric CO2 has been increasing, and atmospheric temperatures haven’t. The global warming scam is dead scientifically, and is now maintained 100% by corruption and perversion of science. ESRL Global Monitoring Division – Global Greenhouse Gas Reference Network Wood for Trees: … Continue reading

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Desperate Times For Arctic Alarmists

Two thirds of the way through the Arctic melt season, Arctic sea ice extent is second highest since 2005.  Ocean and Ice Services | Danmarks Meteorologiske Institut  Greenland surface mass balance is just below the 1990-2013 mean. Greenland Ice Sheet … Continue reading

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