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No Change In The Frequency Of Hot Days In France

Experts say that global warming increases the probability of heatwaves in Europe, but there is zero evidence to back that idea up. The frequency of 90 degrees days in France has not changed, and their hottest summer was 1911 – … Continue reading

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Are Our Leaders Finally Getting Serious About Stopping Imaginary Global Warming?

Government leaders hope to stop imaginary global warming, and simultaneously prevent dark shadows from forming behind clouds, via the use of a carbon tax. A Carbon Tax to Combat Global Warming is Getting a Fresh Look | The Fiscal Times … Continue reading

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Book Your Northwest Passage Cruise For Only $25,000

For the bargain rice of only $25,000, you can pretend to watch CO2 melt ice and drown polar bears in the Arctic. The Northwest Passage: From Greenland to the Bering Sea – Dates & Prices | Abercrombie & Kent And … Continue reading

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