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Just When You Thought Climate Experts Couldn’t Get Any Stupider

This gem in the Washington Post may be the stupidest on record As for that image of Londoners frolicking at “frost fairs” on the frozen-over Thames? Those had less to do with the activity of the sun than the activities of humans. … Continue reading

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Arctic Doom Deepens For Climate Fraudsters

Arctic sea ice extent continues at its highest level since 2005, with only a few weeks left in the melt season. Ocean and Ice Services | Danmarks Meteorologiske Institut And cool air is forecast to persist over the Beaufort Sea … Continue reading

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Obama Iran Deal – A Carbon Copy Of The Clinton North Korea Deal

Published: October 22, 1994 Oct. 21 — After almost four months of difficult negotiations, the United States and North Korea signed an agreement today to end their dispute over North Korea’s nuclear program After the signing today, North Korea’s chief … Continue reading

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Today’s Featured Climate Fraudster – John Abraham

Check out this incredible pack of lies from John Abraham at the Guardian. Global warming is causing rain to melt the Greenland ice sheet | John Abraham | Environment | The Guardian In fact, the surface of Greenland has gained … Continue reading

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Joe Romm Defending The Prophesies

Joe Romm is very upset that some actual scientists are making predictions which contradict the official prophesies of the global warming death cult/religion. Media Reports The World Will Enter A ‘Mini Ice Age’ In The 2030’s. The Reverse Is True. … Continue reading

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