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Obama Doesn’t Have Time To Discuss Science With Nobel Prize Winner Who Supported Him

President Obama says that global warming is the biggest problem Earth has ever faced, based on the opinion of about three or four flaming morons he considers to be the world’s top scientists. He also says he doesn’t have time … Continue reading

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Beckwith Is Back

Paul Beckwith apparently didn’t suffer enough humiliation after his 2013 forecast for an ice-free Arctic, and is back for more. Today he is claiming that “human warming” is pushing the entire Greenland ice-sheet into the sea. The Greenland surface mass … Continue reading

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More Than 70% Of Global Warming Academics Are Democrats Seeking Funding From Federal Trough

Democrats imagine they are very smart and sciency, for embracing the global warming scam. More than 70 percent of Democrat-leaning voters, for example, say human activity is driving global warming – a fact overwhelmingly supported by scientific study. Among Republican-leaning voters, by … Continue reading

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Rewriting The Past At NOAA

The White House was unhappy that the world isn’t warming, so they told NOAA to alter the data, and make the hiatus disappear. The apparent observed slowing or decrease in the upward rate of global surface temperature warming has been nicknamed … Continue reading

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Second Coldest July 6 On Record In Fort Collins

We are experiencing near record cold, and unprecedented wet conditions in Fort Collins. Yesterday only reached 66 degrees – the coldest July 6 since 1904. July 6 temperatures peaked in the 1980’s, and have been generally declining ever since. Everything … Continue reading

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