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Red River, NM Having Their Fifth Wettest Year Ever

Experts say that New Mexico is in a permanent drought, as Red River, NM is experiencing  their fifth wettest year on record, and Albuquerque just had their rainiest day on record. Albuquerque set a one-day rainfall record Tuesday with 1.82 inches of rain, … Continue reading

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The Climate Shell Game

For the past two years, most of the US has received well above normal precipitation. None of the things they warned us about are happening. There is no corn belt drought, no southwest drought, no Texas drought. So experts pretend … Continue reading

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Something Is Happening, So It Must Be Due To Global Warming

Global warming alarmist needed. Those with critical thinking skills need not apply Global warming is having a devastating effect on bumblebees and could see them wiped out, scientists have warned. Unlike other insects the heavyweight bees, which play a vital role … Continue reading

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