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What Is The Real Value Of TOBS?

NOAA makes a large adjustment to the US temperature record based on Time Of Observation Bias. The idea is that most station operators were morons in the 1930’s, and reset their min/max thermometers in the afternoon – causing double counting … Continue reading

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Climate Fraudster James Hansen Wants “A Few More Years”

Hansen claims that his models predicted Antarctic sea ice expansion In this sense, expanding Antarctic sea ice might be anything but good news. Indeed, in the troubling scenario outlined by Hansen and his colleagues, it’s part of a series of feedbacks … Continue reading

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Climate Moron Of The Day

You just can’t make up stupid like this. Nation’s capital sinking into the sea, study says new research from the U.S. Geological Survey and the University of Vermont shows that the land in the district — where the Lincoln Memorial … Continue reading

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