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The Northwest Passage Cruise Disaster

Hundreds of people believed criminal government climate scientists who have been lying about Arctic conditions for years, and booked expensive Northwest Passage vacation cruises for this summer. But they have a big problem – there is ice right up to … Continue reading

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Climate Fraud Ahead Of Paris

The criminals at NOAA are pushing the biggest lie in scientific history ahead of the Paris conference Climate scientists say 2015 on track to be warmest year on record | Environment | The Guardian In fact, satellites show that 2015 … Continue reading

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Today’s Featured Climate Fraud – Walruses

Last year, fraudsters┬áposing as scientists claimed that global warming made Walruses congregate on the beach in Alaska. Biggest Walrus Gathering Recorded as Sea Ice Shrinks Walruses gather on the beach every year, and this year the sea ice is backed … Continue reading

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Eastern Arctic Sea Ice Coverage Is The Highest This Millenium

Eastern Arctic sea ice coverage is the highest since 1999, and considerably higher than 1981. Product – Product Search – Canadian Ice Service Look for none of our criminal government agencies or criminal major news organizations to report on this. … Continue reading

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