My Arctic Forecast

Arctic sea ice extent will be close to, or above the median in about a week. This is because the current deficiency is in the Chukchi Sea – which always freezes rapidly this time of year.

ScreenHunter_4121 Oct. 27 06.44 COI | Centre for Ocean and Ice | Danmarks Meteorologiske Institut

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17 Responses to My Arctic Forecast

  1. The Iconoclast says:

    I predict a severe decline in alarmist talk about arctic sea ice extent… evetually.

    • lance says:

      i see the goal posts moving again 🙂

    • TomC says:

      There is. Neven has accumulated about 15 comments in his blog since the sea-ice minimum. They do not care about sea-ice when it is growing, only when it is melting, because their entire interest in sea-ice is biased toward global warming. They’re not into keeping track of this in the name of science but rather in promoting propaganda.

  2. hifast says:

    Tony–Concur. And climate dupes think the planet is warming uncontrollably–or controllable only by curbing burning fossil fuels.
    This CryosphereToday animation shows the rapid spread you see as well as broad extent of Siberian snow cover.

  3. Richard Carroll says:

    When will we see the Nimbus satellite data? Walt Meier (NSIC) has seen it and commented that the sixties and early seventies average 6.9 million sq km in September . You are apparently right about the fraudsters using 1979 as the beginning of the sea ice record to push a political agenda.

  4. dave g says:

    So all this freezing should produce a mild winter right? Because according to climastrologists, melting ice causes extreme cold winters.

  5. Alexej Buergin says:

    The gray curve is the mean, not the median.

    • Ernest Bush says:

      How can it be the mean temperature when it arbitrarily cuts off at 2000?

      • Alexej Buergin says:

        As the text says, it simply is the mean for 1979-2000. That is OK and what everybody does in meteorology. Of course one can cheery pick by selecting another interval
        My remark says that “mean” and “median” are not the same thing. Example:
        {1,2,3,4,10}, median=3, mean=4

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